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The non-profit Refugee Law Clinic Jena e.V. is a student legal advice service for refugees. Our focus is on asylum and migration law. We support migrants and - in particular asylum seekers and refugees - in legal issues and, at the same time, offer a training program in asylum and residence law for volunteer advisors.


The asylum procedure presents refugees with numerous bureaucratic and legal challenges. The usually existential decision about the residence status and subsequent questions about social integration take place in a foreign language and legal area. Many of those affected therefore need guidance and support through competent legal advice. Due to their financial or personal situation or the specific local circumstances, many refugees do not have access to adequate advice. The Refugee Law Clinic Jena would like to make a contribution to improving the current and personal situation of those affected.

Advisory activity

We offer refugees a free, low-threshold contact point and are on hand to help with legal, administrative and other questions. We are in close contact with fully qualified lawyers. However, we do not act as a lawyer, but rather enable free access to legal advice, especially for those who cannot afford legal advice. This also includes accompanying those seeking help when they go to the authorities.


On this basis, the training program is aimed at all interested parties who have the time and inclination to familiarize themselves with asylum and residence law through lectures, workshops and internships and then apply their knowledge on a voluntary basis.

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